Sustainable Sushi

Price: $30.95

AUTHOR:  Casson Trenor

TITLE:  Sustainable Sushi

PUBLISHER:  North Atlantic Books,U.S.

ISBN:  9781556437694


"Sustainable Sushi" addresses dozens of the most common fish and shellfish one might encounter at a sushi bar, details where and how they are caught, whether or not they are safe for us, and how they are related to the current fishery crisis.

Written by a fishery and sustainability expert who was netted long ago by the allure of Japanese cuisine, "Sustainable Sushi" is an insightful, pocket-sized handbook complete with colour illustrations, quick facts, and easy recommendations to help guide everyone - from the sushi first-timer to the experienced aficionado - around the toxins and unsustainable choices facing them.

This is the book that will help readers reconcile their desire to protect the ocean with the insatiable lust for sushi.There are many other books about sushi, but none that attempt to explore the environmental or health issues attached to the cuisine.

This book addresses mercury, PCBs, fishery sustainability, and other serious issues garnering tremendous attention in the media and among the public at large. "Sustainable Sushi" is a timely and reliable reference that will put the consumer at ease.