Red or Green

Price: $27.95

AUTHOR:  Clyde Casey

TITLE:  Red or Green

PUBLISHER:  Clear Light Publishers

ISBN:  9781574160901


You will find the exotic - Blue Cornmeal Pancakes with Green Chile Chutney, Blackened Tomato-Mint Salsa - along with classics such as Beef Enchiladas and Green Chile Stew. Game and fish recipes include Cherokee Venison Meatloaf as well as Crayfish Quiche and Pecan Coated Catfish. Desserts vary from the more familiar Rum Apple Crisp and Pinon Nut Cookies to the unusual - and unusually delicious - Chocolate Tortilla Dessert.In addition to the recipes, Casey discusses the various types of chilli peppers, from the mild New Mexico 6 (formerly Anaheim) to the red-hot habanero.

You will learn how to choose them, handle them, use them in cooking and order them by mail. Casey also introduces you to New Mexico's wine, one of the state's fastest growing products, and explores local wines and wineries. Finally, the book provides hints for high-altitude baking and a user-friendly index. This is the perfect companion to the best-selling "Green Chile Bible" and "Red Chile Bible" - and a must-have cookbook for chilli lovers everywhere.