Price: $24.95

AUTHOR:  Michele Cranston

TITLE:  Crisp

PUBLISHER:  Murdoch Books

YEAR:  2005

ISBN:  9781740456722


Marie claire crisp is a collection of fresh, cool and light recipes using ingredients such as lettuce, cucumber and herbs. Recipes include green bean and pistachio salad, pea and lettuce soup, herbed chicken, and baked apples.
Showcases the fabulous recipes and stunning photography from the "Marie Claire" series by Michele Cranston. Each title in the collection has an overriding colour/flavour theme, ensuring a seamless and complete integration of existing material.

This follows on in the classic best-selling Marie Claire style. Now beautifully changed into this chunky format, they are even more accessible and easy to use. With gorgeous, mouth-watering photography, this is the must have for anyone who enjoys salads, fresh veg and crisp food.