Mists Of Avalon

Price: $22.95

AUTHOR:  Marion Zimmer Bradley

TITLE:  Mists Of Avalon

PUBLISHER:  Penquin  1983

YEAR:  1993

ISBN:  9780140177190


Morgaine, gifted with the Sight and fated with her brother-lover's doom, recounts the glorious tragedy of Camelot's brief flowering - not as a tale of knightly deeds, but as a woman's rounded view of society in the crucible of change.

Mists of Avalon is a best-selling 876 page book written by Marion Zimmer Bradley. It is one of those rare, spell binding novels in which myth comes to life, and magic flows out to all of us.

It vividly tells the magical legend of King Arthur through the eyes of two women. There is the darkly bewitching Morgaine, half sister to Arthur and a high priestess of Avalon. For Morgaine, there is only one quest- to keep Christianity out of Britain, and return it to worship of the Mother Goddess. The lovely Queen Gwenhwyfar is torn between her duty to her king and God, and her passion for the dashing Lancelet.