The Feng Shui Bible

Price: $29.95

AUTHOR:  Simon Brown

TITLE: The Feng Shui Bible: The Definitive Guide To Improving Your Life, Home, Health & Finances

PUBLISHER:  Sterling Publishing Co

ISBN:  781402729836


Feng Shui has become a widely practised art form combining self-help with interior decoration and design. The idea is simple: to improve any aspect of your life, you must create the right atmosphere to support it. The Feng Shui Bible brings all the strands of this ancient practise into one simple, useable reference.

The opening section explains the key concepts of feng shui, chi energy, yin and yang, the five elements and eight trigrams, and illustrates them with real life applications and examples. It also details the basic tools of feng shui - everyday objects like mirrors, plants, and fountains that help the energy in any space flow more easily. The comprehensive Feng Shui Directory explains how these principles can be used to improve every aspect of life - home, relationships, finances, creativity, career, health, and spiritual connection.

This handy reference can help anyone apply the ancient principles of energy balancing and energy flow to improving the atmosphere of their home, office, garden, and life.

Simon Brown Is A Full-Time Feng Shui Teacher And Consultant. He Has Worked As A Design Engineer, Has Studied Chinese Medicine, And Is A Qualified Shiatsu Therapist And Macrobiotic Consultant. He Is The Former Director Of London's Community Health Foundation And Taught Some Of The First Major Courses In Feng Shui In The UK. His Feng Shui Clients

Include Celebrities Such As Boy George And Public Companies Including The Body Shop And British Airways. He Is The Author Of The Bestselling 'Practical Feng Shui' As Well As 'Feng Shui In A Weekend'.