Why Women Shop

Price: $29.95

AUTHOR:  S. Minaham & M. Beverland

TITLE:  Why Women Shop

PUBLISHER:  Wright Books

PLACE:  Qld, Australia

YEAR:  2005

ISBN:  9780731402793


If you are a friend, partner or relative of a woman who shops, then this is the book to help you understand her motivations and experiences. If you are a woman who loves to shop, this book embraces your passion and will show you how to identify exactly which type of shopper you are. Whether you love a day out with the girls, or you just can't bear the thought of rude sales people and fitting rooms from hell, the stories in 'Why Women Shop' will make you laugh and shudder with recognition at the experiences of other women.

What type of shopper are you?

Ms Grab and Go:
Time poor you are always in a hurry and generally don't enjoy the shopping experience.
The Lone Browser:
You set out to go shopping at 9am and don't return until after 6pm. You may not buy anything except your lunch but still have a wonderful day. Shopping is your hobby; it brings you happiness.
The Retail Therapy Shopper:
For you, shopping can bring a wonderful sense of wellbeing, and of escape from your everyday routine. Shopping for yourself gives you an opportunity to look after yourself in a way you are not receiving elsewhere.
The Girls Day Out Shopper:
You will usually shop with at least two other women.  You may travel from interstate with friends and you devote several days to shopping. Or you may simply spend a day at the shops with your sister, mother, or other women in your life. Therefore, the focus of the time spent is as much about enjoying each other's company as it is about the thrill of shopping!
The Hunter:
You are a serious, predatory shopper. You are alert, assertive, sometimes aggressive and determined to get the bargain. You prepare to shop carefully, arming yourself with catalogues, flat shoes, and a single layer of clothing, so you can try on potential purchases with ease. Your favourite hunting grounds are the factory outlets or anywhere there are sales or discount racks.