Secrets In The Fields

Price: $49.95

AUTHOR:  Freddy Silva

TITLE:  Secrets In The Fields

PUBLISHER:  Hampton Roads

ISBN:  9781571743220


"It'll change your whole view of the universe." - Kindred Spirit magazine

"One of the most extraordinary books I have ever read." - John Michell, author and leading antiquarian

"You have truly penetrated the phenomena to such a degree that the truth will ultimately come out. [The book] is definitive, brilliant, sensitive, and restrained; quite an accomplishment." - Barbara Hand Clow, bestselling author

"...looks and handles like a dream... the depth of his research is staggering in its complexity and scope... A compelling read" - George Bishop, Editor , The Circular

"This is the best research tomÈ, I think that I have read on any subject in my entire life, that's how impressed I am. A standing ovation!....I recommend the book highly to all kinds of researchers. -Barbara Lindquiist, author, editor, publisher, Mother Courage Press

"... your work in "Secrets" is unarguably magnificent, and if this tottering civilization holds together for a few more years, could easily prove to be a seminal linchpin in the history of the new new millennium." - Mace Mealer

Brilliantly researched and written. I don't know how you feel about this particular association but I consider it comparable to "Holy Blook Holy Grail by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln. - James Kovic

"I just ordered my 4th copy, to replace the ones I've given away already! For me, the true value of Silva's meticulous scholarship lies well beyond the drama of information conspiracies(puzzling and amusing as they may be.) This book is a must for anyone involved in energy / lightwork, IMHO. If you've begun to discover our basic energetic connections to the Earth, simply looking at the pictures will affect your resonance... so many other bits of the information offered here are immediately relevant to the shifting frequencies around us - and connect sychronistically, on numerous levels, with ALL of the information (re)surfacing now to assist in humankind's evolutionary transition. Silva doesn't try to ram his own conclusions down the reader's throat - a refreshing approach that lets the information speak for itself. My 'advice'? Buy the book for yourself - show the pictures to everyone you know! There's a primal healing energy here that speaks to the subconscious Self in an ancient, timeless whisper of renewal " - Ric Kelly, San Francisco

"A masterwork! An excellent job of integrating so many different facets of this complex "mystery" and its relationships to other fields of study." -
R.T. Randall