Lillian Too The New I Ching

Price: $29.95

AUTHOR:  Lillian Too

TITLE:  Lillian Too The New I Ching


YEAR:  2004

ISBN:  9780600609179


In the follow-up to her popular "Feng Shui Life Planner", world-famous author Lillian Too reveals how to use the extraordinarily accurate Plum Blossom Oracle to interpret the I Ching. Until now, this system has remained the secret of a select group, but Too's instructions and 120 illustrations--including plenty of charts--allow a much wider readership to penetrate this ancient form of divination.

The Plum Blossom Oracle features 2 different methods, the Early Heaven and the more advanced Later Heaven, each with its own particular arrangements. See how to read the hexagrams, which contain 64 possible permutations, to find divine guidance. Interpret the symbols and signs that manifest themselves as everyday events, dreams, or unexpected encounters. You'll gain deeper insight into your personal and professional life.