Writing From Life

Price: $28.95

AUTHOR:  Lynne Hackles

TITLE:  Writing From Life

PUBLISHER:  How To Do Books Ltd

YEAR:  2008

ISBN:  9781845282417


You will learn how to write about what you know - and you certainly know a lot. The good news is that the older you are, and the older you get, the more experiences you have had - so you'll always have something to write about.

The author, Lynne Hackles, will show you how to make your own 'Raking up your past' file - using memories, lists, diaries, newspapers, smells, family trees, etc. And how to turn your own anecdotes recounted to friends and family into useful prose; and how to fashion the passed-down history of your ancestors into a family saga.

With this book you'll also learn how to: Sell a snippet of conversation, Make money by sharing secrets, Take your boss and your best friend and come up with a new character, Sell one event in your life to several different markets, Impart knowledge you didn't think you had to people who didn't know they needed it, Use the emotions, traumas, joys and experiences of your own life to make your writing stronger and more saleable.