Stones of the New Consciousness

Price: $39.95

TITLE:  Stones of the New Consciousness

AUTHOR:  Robert Simmons

ISBN:  9781556438110

FORMAT:  Paperback

If you love crystals, gems and minerals and you want to find a new and deeper understanding of the potentials locked within them, and within yourself, look no further!

Features new minerals and newly found materials not mentioned in the authors bestseller, The Book of Stones. In Stones of the New Consciousness, author  invites the reader to journey inward to the domain of the Stone Beings. 

There we learn of the astonishing potentials for spiritual healing, mystic awakening and the birth of a new planetary co-creating consciousness through relating with the stones and their spiritual qualities.

There we meet the Soul of the World, the feminine spirit of World Wisdom sometimes called Sophia. We discover the all-pervading harmony of the living Earth, and the emanations of Wisdom that are the Stones.