Spoken Miracles

Price: $22.95

AUTHOR:  Martha Lucia Espinosa

TITLE:  Spoken Miracles


YEAR:  2007

ISBN:  9781401912123


Spoken Miracles is an anecdotal account of Martha Luci a Espinosa' s 30-year-long search for answers from God, as well as the result of a request that has been made by thousands of readers of author Gary R. Renard' s The Disappearance of the Universe, lovingly called D.U. Near the end of D.U., one of Gary' s teachers mentions that there were 365 quotations from the modern spiritual guide A Course in Miracles (ACIM) used in the D.U. book.

We are told also that if these quotations were read on their own, they could either be used as a thought for the day throughout the year, or they could simply be read like a book, in which case they would constitute a refresher course by Jesus, the Voice of A Course in Miracles, Many people requested that these quotations be put into book form, but it was a bigger job than most realized.

Gary and his teachers had used more than 11,000 words from ACIM during the course of their discussions. Additionally, inspiration guides this book to be written in a way that it can stand on its own, to help introduce people to both D.U. and A Course in Miracles, as well as to inspire and entertain a little, so it includes a short story as a way to introduce readers to the basic concepts of these remarkable and miraculous books.