Eastern Body Western Mind

Price: $39.95

AUTHOR:  Judith Anodea

TITLE:  Eastern Body Western Mind

YEAR:  2004

ISBN:  9781587612251

EDITION:  Revised


This book on the chakra system explains Eastern theory by way of Western psychology. It focuses on vital issues in therapy today: addiction, codependence, physical and sexual abuse, family dynamics, character structures, personal empowerment, feminism, male emancipation, sexuality, politics, and spirituality. It integrates techniques from bioenergetics to visualization, depth psychology to spiritual practice.

Arranged schematically, the book uses the inherent structure of the chakra system as a map on which to chart the Western understanding of individual development, allowing the realization of the spiritual nature of personality development with the structural logic of the body. Each chakra is discussed in its own chapter. Body types specific to each are also discussed, as are particular pathologies.