It's So Hard To Love You

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TITLE:  It's So Hard to Love You: Staying Sane When Your Loved One Is Manipulative, Needy, Dishonest, or Addicted

AUTHOR:  Bill Klatte

ISBN:  978-1572244962

FORMAT:  Paperback

Most of us have at one time or another had someone in our life that we cared about, but who was in some way difficult to deal with: a partner with an addiction or personality disorder, a friend who is stuck in her life and can't seem to move on, a son or daughter who we feel is making the wrong choices in life, or a family member who seems to gain comfort out of constantly dragging us into their personal drama.

Most of us have someone in our life that we care about, but who is really hard to love: a spouse or sibling with an addiction or anger problem, a parent whose actions frighten or frustrate you, an adult child whom you feel makes the wrong choices over and over, or a friend or other relative who can't get it together. Just because someone you love has a problem, though, doesn't mean you stop loving him or her. You don't want to let go of this person, but you do want to stop getting hurt.

This book--written by a brother-and-sister team--offers tools that will help you deal with the anguish of loving a difficult person while maintaining a sane relationship with him or her. Using the strategies in this book, you'll start to clearly recognize the negative effects your loved one's behavior is having on your life.

You'll learn to accept that this person's actions may not ever change--but that your actions can. You'll find ways to shift your focus from changing the difficult person to changing your reactions to him or her. As you learn to deal with your difficult loved one on your own terms, you'll also learn techniques for managing the possible negative reactions that can arise from your changing relationship.


From the Publisher

This book shows you new and innovative ways to love a difficult person. It includes tips on avoiding codependence, overcoming the impulse to change the difficult loved one, and preventing your own needs and boundaries from being subverted by the desires of the difficult individual.