Spare Room Start Up

Price: $39.95

AUTHOR:  Emma Joans  

TITLE: Spare Room Start Up

PUBLISHER:  Harriman House Ltd

YEAR:  2008

ISBN:  9781905641680



"Spare Room Start Up" is a friendly and stylish, full colour guide which focuses on the specific issues that affect home business start-ups, from the 'kitchen table business plan' to the web server in the attic, organised by three key themes: business, lifestyle and technology. It is an essential book for anyone who wants to start a business at home and manage a work/life balance.

The home has become the most popular location for business start-ups in the UK. Over 60% of businesses are now started from a home base; more than 1,400 every week. Yet there is no authoritative and approachable guide to starting a home business.

"Spare Room Start Up" presents readers with simple solutions, demonstrates the ease and low cost with which a home business can be started, and dispels the myths about working from home, so that more people can enjoy the rewards of running a successful home business and lead a happier life. Advice and suggestions are interspersed with quick tips, illustrations and case studies to uncover the lighter side of working from home.