Power Of Small, Why Little Things Make All The Difference

Price: $19.95

AUTHOR:  Linda Kaplan Thaler & Robin Koval

TITLE:  Power Of Small, Why Little Things Make All The Difference

PUBLISHER:  Allen & Unwin

YEAR:  2009

ISBN:  9781741758962


From the compliment you give your partner at the end of the day to the hasty thank you note you dashed out to your childhood friend; from the quick once-over glance you give an email before clicking send, to remembering a client's special moment - little acts go a long way and can make such a difference to so many lives (including your own).

Covering everything from dating and relationships, to career success, Thaler and Koval show how our smallest actions and gestures can have a huge impact. Written in the same entertaining, funny yet insightful style as The Power of Nice, their previous book, which reached 150,000 sales in the US alone, The Power of Small shows the impact little things have at work and at home, in our careers and personal lives. Told through the authors' own experiences, as well as those whose lives have been transformed by seemingly insignificant acts, readers see how we can harness the power of small to improve our lives.

About Linda Kaplan Thaler Robin Koval
Linda Kaplan Thaler is the CEO and chief creative officer, and Robin Koval is president of the Kaplan Thaler Group. This is their second book together, following the successful The Power of Nice. Kaplan Thaler and Koval both live in New York.