Passion @ Work

Price: $29.95

AUTHOR:  Shivani Gupta

TITLE:  Passion @ Work

PUBLISHER:  Hardie Grant Books

PLACE:  Australia

YEAR:  2008

ISBN:  9781740666459


Small business guru and television presenter Shivani Gupta accidentally inspired the wrong person during the first run of her new book Passion@Work - the Chinese woman printing it.

Shivani, presenter of the SBS television series, Risking It All - which follow the travails of establishing a small business - said the printer was so moved by the book that she decided to leave her job.

"She sent a lovely email which said... 'Miss Gupta, thank you for your book, I really liked it. It made me think and I have decided I no longer want to be a printer'."

Shivani said while it meant she had to search for another way to get the book on the shelves, at least the funny turn of events meant the book had served its purpose - to make people reassess their life and work and follow their passion.

Beginning a business is such an exciting time, but there are many lessons to learn. In this
practical and generous book, Shivani tells her story of leaving the corporate world and
climbing her own ladder of success in small business.

Shivani brings her business coaching expertise to the process and explains how the steps she has taken can help anyone in business. Through her own experience of building a business, Shivani shows how to: learn from others; stay focussed during the early days of the business when things might be slow. Maintaining balance in your life by making sure there is time for leisure; make time for being creative about your business; find mentors and quality advisors; use networking and contacts. Work in association with other businesses, and the myriad of other issues a new business will face.