Money Isn't The Problem, You Are

Price: $19.95

AUTHOR:  Gary Douglas and Dain Heer

TITLE:  Money Isn't The Problem, You Are

PUBLISHER:  Access Seminars

YEAR:  2006



If you would like to create expansion in ANY area of your life...including money, read this book! It is life changing! One of things I realized was that I was not asking for the greatness of me to show up. When I started asking for this, all kinds of things started to shift. Now, each day is filled with much more joy and gratitude for me.

Every day is a celebration and money is flowing into my life. How does it get any better than this? As Gary and Dain state in this book, "If you have the courage to ask, you can receive." What are the infinite possibilities of something different showing up in YOUR life?