Secret Animal Business

Price: $43.95

TITLE:  Secret Animal Business

AUTHOR:  Billie Dean

ISBN:  9780980627206

FORMAT:  Paperback

Secret Animal Business lifts the lid off the secrets of the animals. Animals were the first tribes and they are here to make a difference to the evolution of humanity and to remind us of our deep connection to the natural world.

Learn about the spiritual and psychic lives of animals, awaken your natural telepathic ability, remember the forgotten silent language of animals and nature and discover how becoming a human angel for the animals you love, will help heal yourself and the planet.

The book Secret Animal Business is nourishment for the soul. Rich with animal stories which inspire and enlighten, it invites the reader on a journey of discovery into the psychic and spiritual world of animals and deftly takes animal care to the next level at the same time.Open up to the secrets of the animals, learn how they want to be treated and what wisdom and guidance they hold for us all.