Spirit Whispers

Price: $23.95

AUTHOR:  Charmaine Wilson

TITLE:  Spirit Whispers

PUBLISHER:  Fountain Press

YEAR:  2009

ISBN:  9780980417098

DESCRIPTION:  New, Paperback

Spirit Whispers is the moving and inspiring autobiography of Australia’s most well known psychic medium Charmaine Wilson.
This is the story of an ordinary woman who discovers her extraordinary abilities ‘the hard way’. Along her excruciating journey, she is taught Life’s toughest lessons and ultimately its
deepest meaning.

• Inspiring self-discovery account
• Significant public and media interest in author
• Author has large & growing fan-base
• Charmaine contracted to take part in the followup to ‘The One’, as well currently in negotiations to develop a pilot program about her life to be screened in 2009.
• ‘The One’ - Channel Seven’s most watched non-sporting program for 2008 in it’s time slot, with 1.6 million viewers.