TITLE: Sage-ing While Age-ing

Price: $38.95

AUTHOR:  Shirley Maclaine

TITLE:  Sage-ing While Age-ing

PUBLISHER: Atria Books 

YEAR:  2007

ISBN:  9781416550419



Bestselling author and award-winning actress Shirley MacLaine invites readers to share in her decades-long quest for spiritual, physical, and personal harmony and truth. This book offers a provocative and enlightening look at what Shirley has discovered in her years of searching for deeper meaning in her life. 

Over the course of ten international bestsellers including The Camino and Out on a Limb, 
Shirley MacLaine has firmly established herself as a fearless, iconoclastic thinker and seeker 
of truth. Now, as she confronts the realities and rewards of growing older, MacLaine reflects 
on where her journey has taken her and the greater understanding of her own place in the 
universe that her experiences have brought into her life.

As she looks back across the remarkable professional and personal milestones she has 
experienced so far, MacLaine is able to recognise the profound power of synchronicity at 
work. Sage-ing While Age-ing explores a wealth of issues from health and nutrition, to 
spirituality, to life on other planets, to MacLaine's views about the greatest mystery of all: 
what happens to us after death.

Filled with her trademark wit and candour, this is a powerful, provocative book that will 
delight and intrigue MacLaine's legions of fans and women everywhere.