Intercession Of Spirits

Price: $24.95

AUTHOR:  Ted Andrews

TITLE:  Intercession Of Spirits

PUBLISHER:  DragonHawk

YEAR:  2008

ISBN: 9781888767551


At some point in your life, you will have encounters with the spirit world. But what do they mean? What good do they serve?
The Intercession of Spirits has the answers. Using his own life experiences, Ted Andrews reveals the heartache and difficulties of working with spirit. He also teaches the possibilities, wonder and fulfilment that come from opening your heart and life fully to their intercession!
For the first time ever, Ted Andrews reveals his experiences with animals and the world of spirit. The reader will discover the world of spirit in ways only imagined and learn how to open to the world of faeries and the realm of angels in ways only dreamed of. This book teaches how to change our lives to one of wonder and blessings by opening our hearts to the intercession of spirit.

Ted Andrews is an internationally recognised author, storyteller, teacher and mystic. A leader in the human potential, metaphysical and psychic fields, he has written over 35 books which have been translated into more than two dozen foreign languages. He is featured on many national and local TV and radio programmes every year. He has won more Visionary Awards than any other author.