Golden Secrets of Mystic Oils by Anna Riva

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Magic: Golden Secrets of Mystic Oils by Anna Riva

Title:  Golden Secrets of Mystic Oils
Author:  Anna Riva
Format:  Paperback
Category: Magic

This book tells how to use oils for every purpose: love, luck, success, peace, power and more. A to Z arrangement, from Abra-Melin to Zula Zula. How to anoint candles, charms, one's body and other uses. Over 550 oils and over 1,300 spells.

This is the premier text on using essential oils and magical oil blends in ritual. Alternative names or synonyms are provided for similar oils produced by manufacturers other than Anna Riva.

This book does not tell you how to make oil but instead provides description of the purpose for commonly found formulas. Short spells, affirmations and prayers are provided, it's easy to read, understand and use!....176pgs.