The Art Of Forecasting Using Solar Returns

Price: $62.95

AUTHOR:  Anthony Louis

TITLE:  The Art Of Forecasting Using Solar Returns

PUBLISHER:  Wessex Astrologer Ltd

YEAR:  2008

ISBN:  9781902405292


The Art Of Forecasting Using Solar Returns is an in-depth and very thorough study of the technique of forecasting using Solar Returns from the popular author of 'Horary Astrology Plain and Simple'. The clear examples and many case histories make this a strong contender for even the most crowded bookshelf.

The Art of Forecasting Using Solar Returns is chock-full of techniques for astrologers to try, summarized handily along the way. Morin alone has 31 aphorisms for judging the Solar Returns, so a less organized book would be overwhelming. The bedrock of the traditional approach is to use the natal horoscope in conjunction with the Solar Return, and Louis does this throughout the book.

Anthony Louis also summarizes some of the modern approaches to Solar Returns, so there is a great deal of diverse information packed into this 300-page book. As mentioned above, Louis embraces modern elements like outer planets, but his method is nearly always grounded in the tradition. Highly recommended to all but the newest astrological beginners.