Star Parenting by Sherrynne Dalby

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Astrology Books:  Star Parenting by Sherrynne Dalby

Star Parenting is packed full of practical tips, the book covers a whole range of issues from toilet training and suitable activities for the child, to the best feeding and sleeping routines.

Title:  Star Parenting
Author:  Sherrynne Dalby
Isbn:  9781741757668
Year:  2009
Format:  Paperback
Category:  Astrology Books

Star Parenting by Sherrynne Dalby is a fun, detailed and accessible guide to your child’s birth sign. It will help parents understand the strengths and vulnerabilities of their child, how to encourage and nurture them and help them thrive.

Sherrynne Dalby looks at the compatibility between parents and kids, and where they will support each other, and areas they are likely to clash.

Aries child
aries20 March-19 April
Aries babies can be demanding and vocal and may only sleep for short periods. They're active toddlers who are stimulated by sight rather than sound. As they get older they'll enjoy active, physical games. They can be impatient with themselves and others, so a reward chart may help them complete tasks. They're prone to headaches.

Taurus child
TAURUS19 April-20 May
Plenty of cuddles and regular feeds will help Taurean babies sleep through the night. As they grow, they'll take time to absorb new things and won't like to be rushed. They like routine and can be stubborn and competitive, but are very determined to achieve their goals. Taurean children can be prone to ear and throat ailments.

Gemini child
gemini20 May-21 June
Gemini babies love eye contact and being talked and sung to. They need sensory stimulation and enjoy hand games and being rocked. Once walking, they're constantly on the go. They have a short attention span and are so curious about new things they can have trouble sleeping. Singing them a song will help them settle.

Cancer child
cancer21 June-22 July
Cancer babies are sensitive to their environment. They like cuddles and enjoy their food. They're curious but need encouragement to participate. Cancer children love baths, water games and nature, and could benefit from a small pet. They often have a special toy for comfort. They need private time with parents and are prone to tummy upsets.

Leo child
leo22 July-22 August
Leo children are physically and emotionally strong. They're sociable and outgoing and love making new discoveries. Although they enjoy being the centre of attention, they also enjoy their privacy. They can be overdramatic and moody, especially in their teenage years, but a dose of humour will generally lift their spirits.

Virgo child
virgo22 August-22 September
Virgo bubs are undemanding and sweet, but they'll cry immediately if they need changing. They respond to routine and are curious and alert. They like order and reason, so explain to them why things need to be done. They enjoy puzzles, building sets and microscopes. Virgo kids are generous but prefer to play one-on-one rather than in a group.

Libra child
libra22 Septemer-23 October
The Libra child is charming and friendly and needs lots of affection. They're sociable and don't like being alone. Once talking, they will rarely draw breath! They like routine, peace and harmony. Acceptance is important to them, so show your Libra child they'll be loved simply for being themselves. They're indecisive so don't give them too many choices.

Scorpio child
scorpio23 October-21 November
Scorpio babies are clever and intense. They need explanations, honesty and don't like surprises. They enjoy tactile games such as finger painting and playdough. They may not express thoughts and feelings, but they are very sensitive to their surroundings. They expect honest answers to their sometimes awkward questions and need firm boundaries.

Sagittarius child
sagittarius21 November-21 December
Alert and cheerful, your little Sag can be squirmy and unsettled as they're so curious and don't want to miss anything! They love travel and storytelling and are very creative. They tend to overeat, so encourage them in physical activity. They don't like boundaries or overprotection but if you're fair and don't lie to them they will respect the rules.

Capricorn child
capricorn21 December-20 January
The serious Capricorn child is the old soul of the horoscope. They're tenacious and determined and will learn skills like feeding themselves and walking early. They show love by being responsible and dependable rather than with affection. They are obedient but will always have an excuse for bad behaviour. They don't like being treated like a child.

Aquarius child
aquarius20 January-18 February
Aquarian bubs love people and objects but also need time alone. Peek-a-boo can be a favourite game as they love surprises and puzzles. Aquarian children have little sense of danger so need to be watched to avoid mishaps. They're very sensitive and need to understand how things fit together, and can appear dreamy because they're thinking so deeply.

Pisces child
pisces19 February-20 March
Pisces babies are snuggly, charming and adaptable. They love water and benefit from early swimming lessons. They're compassionate and imaginative. They can be picky but enjoy watery foods like watermelon and lettuce. Hugs and encouragement will help them feel confident. They can be bad timekeepers so a watch is a good gift.