Planets In Youth by Robert Hand

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Astrology Books:  Planets In Youth by Robert Hand

Title:  Planets In Youth
Author:  Robert Hand
Isbn:  9780914918264
Year:  1977
Format:  Paperback
Category:  Astrology Books

Parents will welcome this book, Planets In Youth by Robert Hand and use it to help their children learn to cope with the complexities of modern life. Readers of all ages can use Robert Hand's book to understand their own patterns of early development. The first four chapters of Planets In Youth define the roles of mother and father, explain the effects of various planetary energy systems and discuss the meaning of elements and crosses in a child's chart.

Robert Hand analyzes the charts of three children, including Judy Garland and Shirley Temple, to illustrate the astrological principles and psychological insights set forth in his intriguing study of personality development.

The major part of Planets In Youth by Robert Hand consists of delineations of horoscope factors, written with young people in mind. Every planet in every sign, house and major aspect, as well as every rising sign, is interpreted in about three hundred words that stress possibilities rather than certainties.


Planets In Youth is written by the world's greatest living astrologer, Robert Hand, this book is actually my favorite basic astrology reference. It's a "cookbook" -- i.e., a crutch to use for beginning astrologers before they get this all permanently situated in their own brains. But for its purpose, it is absolutely divine. Hand is without equal in technical skill and, surprisingly,  Robert Hand's interpretations are uncannily precise and on the mark, as if he were also psychic.

Robert Hand wrote these Planet Series books while Saturn was transitting his third house, no doubt giving him the discipline to achieve something so tedious yet important. I've always enjoyed learning in the simple, delightful way that children learn. Planets In Youth is written to describe the effects of the signs, planets and houses in the birth charts of children, but I'll guarantee you, it fits every adult you've ever known as well. Perhaps we are all always Little Children trying to spell God, as Dion Fortune has said. I recommend this book, with a warm smile, to all my astrology students!

I have had Robert Hands'  Planets In Youth in my astrological library since it came out (1977)and I think it is a must for every parent.  Planets In Youth covers each planet, sign, the major aspects and houses in the horoscope in an exceedingly well organized format. Each chapter addresses one planet and a glyph representing the subject matter of each chapter occupies a shaded space on the edge of each page for easy reference.

Unlike most basic astrology books, Planets In Youth is dedicated to describing placements in a child's chart from a psychological perspective. Robert Hand's writing is gentle and positive so that the text could be understood by a child (10 years old or above) and certainly by a sensitive lay adult. Yet the insights and accuracy he brings to the table are by no means unsophisticated. I am a mother who has practiced astrology as an avocation for 25 years, and I have referred to this book many times for its perspective. I have done charts for mothers who know nothing of astrology, and recommended this book as a companion.

Planets In Youth is not a book that relies on generalizations, and the reader will have to either have a chart to refer to or have someone prepare an explanation of which planet and placements to look up in the book, which is what I do when I recommend the book. However, with that caveat, the book is a must for any parent who seeks insight into a child (and for any adult who seeks a psychological insight into his/herself).

Robert Hand's now classic  Planets In Youth provides insight into the charts of children and adults alike. This was the first book I consulted on astrology, and I still refer to it regularly when I'm having trouble finding the positive side of a difficult aspect. Robert Hand's treatment of the birth chart should be a lesson to us all: that it is a map for personal growth, and even the difficult aspects can find a positive outlet. If I could have only one book on astrology, Planets In Youth would be it. Robert Hand's clarity, accuracy, and inspired writing make this book a must have for all ages.