New American Ephemeris For The 21st Century, 2000-2100 At Midnig

Price: $49.95

AUTHOR:  Michelsen

TITLE:  New American Ephemeris For The 21st Century, 2000-2100 At Midnight

PUBLISHER:  Starcrafts Publishing, Starcrafts LLC

ISBN:  9780976242239


...a very nice introduction telling you about Neil Michelsen and his place in astrology, as well as a complete explanation of the technical basis of all the information in the ephemeris. It's nice to see this wonderful new edition of a classic. It is as beautiful and as comprehensive as ever, and worth every penny of the very reasonable price. --Kenneth Irving, Horoscope Guide, June 2007

...newly updated and expanded with the latest Jet Propulsion Laboratory data, several other new features, while retaining familiar data and a format relied upon by astrologers worldwide. Updates and additions include the entire 21st Century from 2000-2100; Ceres added to daily longitude listings, a new formula increasing accuracy of monthly position calculations of the Galactic Center; monthly positions for Eris, Chiron, Pallas, Juno and Vesta; Astro Data column phenomena sorted by time as well as by data; and planetary ingress data that includes R if planet is retrograde when it ingresses. Of special note is the Dedication followed by memorial feature "Remembering Neil" which capsulizes the beginning years of the development of computer technology as applied to astrology.

The New American Ephemeris for the 21st Century is a 624-page treasury of information, example and instruction that is especially recommended to dedicated astrologers and should prove to be a cornerstone of any personal, professional and academic library's Astrological Studies reference collection. --Small Press Bookwatch, Dec. 1, 2006