Flirting With The Zodiac

Price: $4.00

AUTHOR:  Kim Farnell

TITLE:  Flirting With The Zodiac

PUBLISHER:  Wessex Astrologer Ltd

YEAR:  2007

ISBN:  9781902405230


Kim Farnell details the long and fascinating history of sun sign astrology, beginning in ancient Babylon, dancing through Rome, onward through the Dark Ages until it was befriended by the Victorian theosophists, to its explosion in 1930s newspapers.
Sun sign astrology is usually thought to have begun in the 1930s with R H Naylor's column in a popular newpaper. In fact, Sun sign astrology dates back to Babylonian times and has a rich and varied history.
This incisive book covers the rise and fall and rise again of popular astrology in the context of history. The author's distinct and witty style has you laughing one minute and awe-struck the next. She delves into the lives of historical figures such as William Lilly, Cheiro and Evangeline Adams and manages to 'bring them to life' in a way that will fascinate anyone. Compelling reading.