Dog Stars

Price: $24.95

AUTHOR:  Sherene Schostak & Wendy Lam

TITLE:  Dog Stars

PUBLISHER:  Viking Studio

YEAR:  2006

ISBN:  9780142005132


Finally, this is a book that takes a cosmic look into the personality profile of man's best friend. Is your dog feisty, aggressive, and self-absorbed? She must be an Aries. Sensitive, private, and moody? Definitely a Cancer. Now there's Dog Stars to give readers astrological insight into their dog's thoughts, moods, and behaviour.

Using time-tested astrology principles, this fun book will help dog-owners to better understand their pets. Readers will discover what star sign their dog embodies as well as what breeds are best for their astrological sign. They'll learn what different pooches look for in owners and why some dogs slobber you with kisses while others can't be bothered.

They'll gain insight into their pooch's psyche: if their dog could talk, just what would he or she want to tell its owner? Whether readers are newly in the market for a beloved soul mate or are already in a committed relationship, Dog Stars is the ultimate guide to developing a star-struck match with one of the most important creatures in a person's life: their dog.