Tarot Plain and Simple by Anthony Louis

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Tarot Cards: Tarot Plain and Simple by Anthony Louis

Title:  Tarot Plain And Simple
Author:  Anthony Louis
Isbn:  9781567184006
Format:  Paperback

Tarot Plain and Simple by Anthony Louis The tarot is an excellent method for turning experience into wisdom. At its essence the Tarot deals with archetypal symbols of the human situation. By studying the Tarot, we connect ourselves with the mythical underpinnings of our lives; we contact the gods within.

As a tool, the Tarot helps to awaken our intuitive self. This book presents a thoroughly tested, reliable and user-friendly self-study program for those who want to do readings for themselves and others.

Tarot Plain and Simple by Anthony Louis is the book you've been waiting for! As the title indicates, this book presents the Tarot in clear language that anyone can understand. If you've had trouble learning the Tarot, this book gives the meaning of each and every one of the 78 Tarot cards both in simple terms and in-depth ones, both upright interpretations and those for when a card is drawn reversed.

Anthony Louis leaves nothing out! He includes an overview of the history of the Tarot and suggests why this divinatory method works from a scientific point of view. It even includes several spreads and example readings. That way you can see exactly how the Tarot works, how the cards play off of each other and how to give a reading.

Turn to any page and see how you can learn meanings and interpretations. The Five of Cups shows a cloaked person with head down and three of five cups knocked over, spilling their contents. Upright the card means "mourning." But the key words and phrases give you so much more. It can also mean regret, sadness, loss of trust, an emotional let down, betrayal in love, and much more.

How can you tell which expression best fits the card? It depends upon where it falls in the spread and the cards that surround or lead up to it.

This is explained in the clear but comprehensive section on Tarot card spreads, and is illustrated in the sample readings. If you have been waiting for an ideal book to help you learn the Tarot,  Tarot Plain and Simple by Anthony Louis is it.

Biography: Anthony Louis (Conn.) is a physician and psychiatrist. Astrology has been his avocation for more than 30 years. He has lectured internationally on horary astrology and has published numerous articles in magazines such as American Astrology, The Mountain Astrologer and The Horary Practitioner.

Illustrations are from the elegant and mystic Robin Wood Tarot.

"Some Tarot books get caught up in mysticism and new age type imagery. Tarot Plain and Simple by Anthony Louis is definitely not among them. The author delivers a very matter of fact approach in discussing Tarot. Starting off with a general description of Tarot and its history, the entire book is very matter of fact in its approach. I liked how the author describes various ways of doing a reading, starting off with a single card, three-card, or five-card reading and ending with the Celtic Cross reading, and giving general information about how to do each type of reading.

Anthony Louis also devotes much of the book obviously to the individual cards themselves. Major and Minor Arcana are covered in detail, complete with meanings for upright and reversed positions of the cards, key words and phases, and 'situation and advice' for each card. The Minor Arcana are divided not so much by their titles (ie, Wands, Pentacles, Swords, and Aces), but by numbers. At the beginning of each section devoted to numbers, there are also short descriptions of their significance when doing a reading. The same holds true for Aces, Pages, Knights, Queens and Kings. As I learn more about Tarot and doing readings for myself, I know I will refer back to this book often".