Shapeshifter Tarot Set by D. J. Conway & Sirona Knight

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Tarot Cards: Shapeshifter Tarot Set by D. J. Conway & Sirona Knight

Author:  D. J. Conway & Sirona Knight
Title: Shapeshifter Tarot Set
Year:  2005 7th Printing
Isbn:  978156718384
Tarot Deck and full-size Paperback book

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Find another hidden part of yourself each time you enter the worlds of the Shapeshifter Tarot. Embrace the wisdom this tarot will bring within your reach. 81 full colour cards. 264pp book.

Shapeshifter Tarot Set by D. J. Conway & Sirona Knight See through the keen eyes of the hawk for insights that transcend time and space. Immerse yourself in the ever-shifting flow of water, and tap a well of creativity you never knew you possessed. The Shapeshifter Tarot will merge you with the natures of star and serpent, fire and oak, to transform your perceptions of dreams, reality, and all the worlds in between. Listen to the voices of the cards and grow wiser in spirit as you use them for divination, spell working, meditation, and path working.

This boxed set includes the 81-card Shapeshifter Tarot deck designed by popular Pagan authors D. J. Conway and Sirona Knight and beautifully illustrated by Lisa Hunt. The accompanying 264-page book gives detailed explanations on how to use the cards, including their full esoteric meanings and magickal and mythological roots. You'll also find five unique spreads designed specifically for this deck, including the standing stones spread and finding animal helpers spread.

In this uniquely shamanic deck, many cards of the Major Arcana are renamed to clarify the meaning: the Fool becomes Initiation, the Magician is now the Sorcerer, and the Hermit is the Seer. The Shapeshifter Tarot also includes three additional Major Arcana cards: The Double, The Journey, and The Dreamer, to give even more depth to your readings and magickal workings.

The Shapeshifter Tarot kit is your bridge between the worlds. Merge with your animal spirit as you explore the raw elemental power of the natural world.