The Astrology Of Self-Discovery by Tracy Marks

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Astrology Books:  The Astrology Of Self-Discovery by Tracy Marks

The Astrology of Self Discovery: An In-Depth Exploration of the Potentials Revealed in Your Birth Chart

Title:  The Astrology Of Self-Discovery
Author:  Tracy Marks
Isbn:  9780892541362
Edition:  Revised & Expanded
Format:  Paperback
Cateory:  Astrology Books

The Astrology of Self Discovery by Tracy Marks provides guidance for achieving self-development through attunement to planetary influences and gives direction to those struggling with life's issues. Combining astrology, depth psychology, and spiritual teachings, Tracy Marks helps the reader make contact with the planets as they function as internal archetypes and personalities, as well as gain insight, perspective, and the tools for self-empowerment. Tracy Marks has helpful advice on how to prepare for and handle outer planet transits, especially Neptune and Pluto, which she covers indepth.

Tracy Marks also addresses the healing of the 'inner child' and the feminine principle as expressed by the Moon, and the lunar nodes as an expression of life purpose. Provocative questions and worksheets help the reader apply the life lessons she presents.

Tracy Marks experience as a psychotherapist and spiritual teacher has enabled her to synthesize her knowledge of psychology with her astrological work to elucidate a path of deepening personal awareness and cooperation with planetary energies. The unique insights in The Astrology of Self Discovery give fresh, new life to the practice of astrology.


The Astrology of Self Discovery by Tracy Marks is an intelligent, wise and therapeutically-oriented book. It is one to read and absorb from beginning to end, and to refer back to repeatedly. It may not be the most focused book in its organisation, and treats some fairly diverse topics, but there are plenty of little gems of wisdom to be found, and the writing is serene and free from filler. Very worthwhile for its Moon sign and Moon's nodes material alone, but goes far beyond this with its other essays to enhance general astrological consciousness.

The Astrology of Self Discovery is a must-read and a must-have, both for practicing Astrologers and for any student of Astrology. Any reread will always catalyze fresh insights for the reader as Tracy Marks has succeeded in creating a dynamic and definitive work covering such topics as principles of depth astrology, the nodes of the moon, astrology and life purpose, dealing creatively with transits, the healing power of things lunar and unlocking one's potentials.

In my opinion, The Astrology of Self-Discovery also contains one of the definitive pieces of writing on the planet Neptune, the subtitle of the chapter being aptly named "How to swim through cosmic waters"
Tracy Marks explores Neptunian states of consciousness by helping the reader to work with the elusiveness of Neptunian experiences and possible resulting "fog" in very concrete and extremely useful ways.

The Neptune worksheets are particularly helpful. In addition, her work on the nodes of the moon and their respective issues and lessons is outstanding; in fact, let me state again that I find this book to be one of the classics of Astrology. I urge you to have this book in your library!

Of my many books it is
Tracy Marks's, The Astrology of Self-Discovery that I rely on most for communicating Astrological Principles to clients.
When you can give an example which touches some deep place within Astrology becomes that much more effective. The quotations and prose collected to illustrate these concepts gives you a head start to understanding non rational principles and the role they play in your life.

Always stressing the fact of your own self determination Tracy Marks helps set out some pointers to help you on your own inner journey.
The Astrology of Self-Discovery gives much food for thought.
The most important part of the book is the section of what Astrology can and connot do for you. Anyone visiting an Astrologer could do no better than using this book as a set of quality standards. If only our profession could be judged by the matterial here and not by the popular press. No practicing Astrologer should be without it.