Astrology Of Midlife And Aging by Erin Sullivan

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Astrology Of Midlife And Aging by Erin Sullivan

Title:  Astrology Of Midlife And Aging
Author:  Erin Sullivan
Publisher:  Tarcher, Penquin
Year:  2005
Isbn:  9781585424085
Format:  Paperback
Category: Astrology Books

Astrology Of Midlife And Aging by Erin Sullivan Between the ages of thirty-seven and forty-one, something mysterious occurs within the psyche. Jung called this shift the advent of our “unlived life.” Midlife does not inaugurate a time of rapid decay, loss of libido, and inevitable death, but rather ushers in a rite-of-passage in which we might review our lives contemplatively and move more consciously into the next phases of ongoing adult development.

In The Astrology of Midlife and Aging, acclaimed psychological astrologer and author Erin Sullivan takes us through the metamorphoses of midlife and across the threshold into full maturation and elder hood. Erin Sullivan shows how the onset of midlife is demarcated by the planet Uranus, which traverses halfway through its own cycle – called the half-Uranus in the natal horoscope – ushering in the midlife transition.

During this time, we may observe our own lives in a manner symbolized by Uranus, a slow-moving planet, awakening conscious witnessing of our patterns, a greater capacity for foresight, and creating the need for change and bold discovery.