Astrology For Lovers by Liz Greene

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Astrology Books:  Astrology For Lovers by Liz Greene

Title:  Astrology For Lovers
Author:  Liz Greene
Isbn:  9781578634262
Year:  2009, New Edition
Format:  Paperback
Category:  Astrology Books

In Astrology for Lovers by Liz Greene describes the characteristics of each sign at length, along with its creation myth. She then expands upon the sign's shadowy side and explicates the fine points of its influence in our love lives. Now back in print!

Astrology For Lovers by Liz Greene. For a different perspective on not just relationships but also self-perception, Astrology for Lovers by Liz Greene is definitely worth a serious read, if not a permanent place on your bedside table.
Each person has a unique footprint in the map of the cosmos. This comprehensive astrological guide to life, relationships and lovers teaches readers to interpret the subtle and not-so-subtle attributes of both their own and their partner's astrological signs in order to better understand one another.

Liz Greene's Astrology For Lovers will blow you away. Somehow she has eerily succeeded in describing deeply personal truths to each and every sign. This is no vague fluff in newspapers and fortune cookies. I also have another book by Liz Greene that is out of print entitled "Star Signs For Lovers" and I guard it carefully because anytime anyone reads even a few sentences they are shocked at the accuracy of the description of their personalities and tendencies both secret and expressed in relationships.

Just don't tell your love about it unless you think they are ready to understand your shadow. Liz Greene somehow intelligently puts into words what every individual already knows and didnt really understand about themselves. As you read Astrology For Lovers, you will find yourself stopping and exclaiming "that is so true!". Ive seen it happen with all my friends, and I enjoy sharing their personal discoveries, especially the skeptics whose set beliefs are no match for Liz Greene. I recommend Astrology For Lovers to EVERYONE, and NO! You cant borrow it!. This book is so well written with such simple and personal intelligence, and so many insights, I want to know more about its mysterious author. What is her sign? Liz Greene is the real thing, some kind of cosmic seer. I know she will freak you out.

Liz Greene's explanations of sun sign characteristics are precise and unsentimental yet descriptive. Don't be put off by the title. Though the focus of the book is the effect of astrology in romantic relationships, I often refer to her book for help in understanding the personalities and motivations of many other people around me. This is the second astrological book I ever owned. (I now have a collection of around 24 books).