The Astrology Bible by Judy Hall

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Astrology Books:  The Astrology Bible by Judy Hall

The Astrology Bible by Judy Hall Learn to find the perfect gift for a particular sign, identify the career that fits your astrological personality, understand the effects of an eclipse and how to live in harmony with a particular zodiac partner.

Title:  Astrology Bible
Author:  Judy Hall
Year:  2005
Isbn:  9781841812458
Format:  Paperback
Category:  Astrology Books

The Astrology Bible
by Judy Hall  Astrology can be a marvellous aid to knowing and understanding yourself and others. It can help you identify the right path in life, find love, choose a career, and make important decisions. Judy Hall's comprehensive, illustrated guide to astrology can help you use astrology for personal growth and guidance in every aspect of life.

Discover how astrology can sound a timely warning about health and indicate appropriate healing methods. Judy Hall's Astrology Bible is a must-have reference. The perfect introduction for the beginner as well as a useful guide for the more experienced astrologer!