Astrolocality Astrology by Martin Davis

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Astrology Books - Astrolocality Astrology by Martin Davis

Author:  Martin Davis
ISBN:  9781902405056
Year:  1999 - Paperback
Category:  Astrology Books

Martin Davis has travelled extensively as both a business consultant and sportsman, unwittingly testing the theories of locational astrology to their limits. His passion for and intuitive understanding of this area of astrology has encouraged many others to make their own investigations, and in writing Astrolocality Astrology Martin Davis has produced a definitive resource that will be treasured in the Astrology World for years to come.

Astrolocality Astrology is suitable for practising astrologers, from beginner to expert. It introduces readers to the concepts of local space and astrocartography, taking them to a level of understanding that will allow them to apply these techniques independently.