Aspects And Personality by Karen Hamaker-Zondag

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Astrology Books: Aspects And Personality by Karen Hamaker-Zondag

Title:  Aspects and Personality
Author:  Karen Hamaker-Zondag
Year:  1990
Isbn:  9780877286509
Format:  Paperback
Category:  Astrology Books

Aspects and Personality can be used to gain a deeper understanding of these aspects as they relate to your personal natal chart, or as a reference in interpreting astrological charts in general. A welcome addition to your personal astrology library.

In astrology, aspects are the geometric relationships between the planets. Aspects and Personality by Karen Hamaker-Zondag provides a clear interpretation of each major aspect present in your natal chart, with an emphasis on the elemental basis of each.

Aspects and Personality Includes chapters on the psychological influence of aspects, approaching and departing aspects, unaspected planets, the ruling aspect and aspect patterns, as well as delineations of planetary aspects and aspects to angles including inconjuncts (sextiles/trines and squares/oppositions are grouped together).

About The Author:

Karen Hamaker-Zondag started her astrological practice in 1975. She is a founding member of two schools in Holland: an astrological school, Stichting Achernar, founded in 1980, and a school of Jungian psychology, Stichting Orderir, founded 1987. A leading astrologer in Holland she also lectures extensively throughout the world and first began lecturing for the CPA in 1997.

In 1999 Karen Hamaker-Zondag was invited to teach at the first real and official Astrological University in the USA, Kepler College, and be a member of the staff. This University is entitled to educate students for a Liberal Arts Degree, and will develop a program for a Masters Degree.

Karen Hamaker-Zondag is the author of many astrological books including Foundations of Personality, Psychological Astrology, Horary Astrology, The Yod Figure and Unaspected Planets and The Twelfth House.