Applied Cosmobiology

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Author:  Reinhold Ebertin
Title:  Applied Cosmobiology
Year:  2006
Isbn:  9780866900867
Edition:  A 4th revised and enlarged edition of The 90deg- Dial in Practice
Format: Paperback
Category: Astrology Books

This basic cosmobiology textbook was first printed in Germany (1949) under the title, The 90 degree Dial in Practice. After many additions & improvements it was released again in 1972 under the current title. Written by the acknowledged master, cosmobiology takes the fundamentals of the basic horoscope one step further by condensing the wheel to 90 degrees by placing the planets into their groups of cardinal, fixed and mutable.

The analysis then becomes very simplified, yet with details that are astounding. Explained are the methods, interpretations, use of solar arc directions, graphic ephemeris and more. See for yourself how using cosmobiology makes astrology become a quicker and more useful tool.

Reinhold Ebertin, 1901-1988, came to Uranian astrology, and, according to the story, was denied permission to use the new Transneptunians in his work. So he reduced the Uranian system to the 90 degree dial, 45 degree graphic ephemeris and half sums (eg, midpoints). His use of these materials was brilliant. For those of you who don't know what these 45 or 90 degree things may be, the short answer is that they are methods of reducing all hard aspects to conjunctions on a wheel or graph. By means of this simplification, a powerful means of analysis was created.