Lunar Nodes: Crisis & Redemption

Price: $46.95

AUTHOR:  Komilla Sutton

TITLE:  Lunar Nodes: Crisis & Redemption

PUBLISHER:  Wessex Astrologer Ltd

ISBN:  9781902405094


Beautiful work from the author of 'The Essentials of Vedic Astrology' which discusses the mythology and deepest spiritual meaning of Rahu Ketu, the Lunar Nodes, in the birthchart.

Using the nodal axis in the context of the Nakshatras (the Lunar Mansions) she explores their role in our soul development and explains how we can best use that knowledge to find more fulfilment in our lives. This lovely book is suitable for both western and vedic astrologers.

The most comprehensive book to date on the use and understanding of the Lunar Nodes in Vedic astrology. The author is a widely known and immensely respected teacher with students all over the world. She has used her experience of working with the nodal axis to show how, by sign and placement, they affect every level of our spiritual existence. Students of astrology, yoga and ayurveda will find this book particularly helpful.