Power Of The Cat

Price: $24.95

TITLE:  Power Of The Cat

AUTHOR:  Ann Walker

ISBN:  9781920681517

FORMAT:  Paperback

THE POWER OF THE CAT is a tribute not only to some of the remarkable cats who have walked beside the author on her journey through life, but an acknowledgement of the charisma and power of all cats everywhere. A power that has led to the cat being worshipped as divine, persecuted as a symbol of evil and even at times, changed the course of history. Many people, will admit that they 'adore' cats. The Oxford dictionary gives 'worship as divine' as a meaning for this word.

Divine or mundane, cats have a mystic power found in few other creatures, including humans. It is this quality that makes some people fear them. Cats seem capable of not just looking at you but through you and deep into your soul.

Ann Walker has lived with cats all her life; she says 'I have admired, respected and loved cats, I have adored them, in the deepest sense of the word. I offer this book as a tribute to the special cats who have walked beside me on my life's journey and those who keep me company today.

If cats are an important part of your life this book will strike a chord in your heart and you will find it irresistible.