Overcoming Your Alcohol Drug & Recovery Habits

Price: $29.95

AUTHOR:  Jim DeSena

TITLE:  Overcoming Your Alcohol Drug & Recovery Habits

PUBLISHER:  See Sharp Press

YEAR:  2rd Printing 2005

ISBN:  9781884365294


Recognising that 12-step programs rarely help those in them quit booze or other drugs for good, this book provides techniques to counter the self-defeating beliefs that lead to and foster addictions including addiction to ineffective 12-step groups. It enables those who have gone through Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and formal 12-step addiction treatments to overcome the self-destructive beliefs and attitudes that these programs promote.

These include the idea that addicts and alcoholics are powerless, the belief that addiction is an incurable disease, the assertion that people who slip inevitably lose control, and the notion that those who reject the 12-step approach are doomed.

Most importantly, Jim DeSena's book presents well-supported methods for quitting booze and other drugs for good, for helping individuals to recognise and vanquish negative thinking and to help these people regain control of their lives in a truly self-help, do it yourself format. All this and more without wasting decades sitting through useless meeting.