Live Your Bliss

Price: $29.95

TITLE:  Live Your Bliss

AUTHOR: Terry Cole-Whittaker

ISBN:  9781577316855

FORMAT:  Paperback

In her first book after eight years of study in India, a premier voice in personal development speaks to readers new and old. Her empowering message: we are perfect as we are and have everything we need to manifest our dreams. Her teaching: recognize the messages weve absorbed from family, school, the culture about how we should be and then claim our true natures. In so doing, we tap into our innate powers and live in the bliss that is our birthright.

Cole-Whittaker explains that being our true selves requires us to follow our hearts and fulfill our divine, glorious destinies, even when others don’t understand or might try to stop us. She says that this way of life takes both courage and practice, as she explores the seven creative tools we each have at our disposal to create the lives we desire: hearing, thinking, imagining, speaking, desiring, feeling, and behaving.

Live Your Bliss explains that we use these tools all the time, and unless we learn to use them to consciously and deliberately produce our highest good, we inadvertently use them to create troubles and angst in our lives.

“People destroy their lives by dwelling on fear-based negative thoughts and emotions, because these thoughts draw to them the very situations they fear,” she writes. “Whatever we desire, we must be vigilant and accept only the thoughts that will give us what we want, and reject the others, no matter who feeds them to us or what we have accepted and believed in the past.”

Live Your Bliss is full of inspiration, ideas, and practical advice designed to connect readers with their most authentic selves. Each chapter includes multiple practices and a prospering mantra designed to discipline the mind and expand awareness about what is possible.

Terry Cole-Whittaker travels the world speaking to both spiritual and entrepreneurial groups. Her five bestsellers have earned her coverage in all major print, radio, and television media. She lives in Los Angeles, CA.