Crafting A Magical Life

Price: $29.95

AUTHOR:  Carol Holaday

TITLE:  Crafting A Magical Life

PUBLISHER:  Findhorn Press

YEAR:  April 2009

ISBN:  9781844091614


Your mind is the most powerful tool you possess, and the power of your focused intention creates an energetic pathway that allows you to draw what you desire directly to you. Practitioners of the ancient art of Feng Shui have long understood this concept and use intentional placement of objects to attract specific energies and create positive outcomes.

Books such as The Secret and The Field, reinforce the belief that our minds are powerful manifesting tools that simply requires focusand intention to bring about desired results. With their phenomenal worldwide success, millions of people are now becoming interested in exploring and utilizing the untapped power of their own mind to create abetter life for themselves.

Stories abound of people who have harnessed this power and directed their thoughts, through meditation, affirmation,ritual, or by utilizing a variety of 'power objects' to focus their intent to realize their dreams. But not everyone has the extra cash to spend on expensive magical tools or the time and energy to invest long hours in esoteric studies or mastering specific disciplines to bring about the results they seek. However, with a little help, anyone can craft and build their own sacreditems, imbue them with the power of their dreams, wishes and intent, andemploy their own spiritual and magical techniques to attract love, luck,wealth, health, and happiness.

Research shows that when we narrow our focus through mind absorbing activities such as sports, prayer, yoga, or a hobby, our minds naturallydrop into the powerfully creative alpha brainwave state which sends our brainwave vibrations out to the universe to be manifested. When one focuses on a creative process or activity, such as making a wish pictureor building a set of prayer beads, with intention, the power of the alpha brainwaves increases even more, helping one to attract their hearts desires even faster. Crafting a Magical Life outlines twenty magical/spiritual items that youcan craft yourself, thereby utilizing the focus of your desire and intention to improve your spiritual connection and bring the mystical and magical into your life.

Each chapter contains fascinating backgroundinformation and provides easy to follow step-by-step instructions and illustrations to help you create your own powerful objects of intention,without having to spend big bucks on mass produced magical tools. You'll even find sample prayers, chants and techniques you can employ to stimulate your imagination and help you focus your intent so that you can experience receiving the desires of your heart and craft the magicallife you have always dreamed of.