Osho Zen Tarot Set: Transcendental Game Of Zen by Osho

Price: $49.95

Title:  Osho Zen Tarot Set: Transcendental Game Of  Zen
Author:  Osho
Publisher:  Gateway Books
Isbn:  9780752216386
Format: Tarot Cards
Category: Tarot

Drawing on the Buddhist teachings of the Osho Commune International in Poona, this set of tarot cards and accompanying book offer a reworking, for the followers of Zen, of the traditional medieval tarot art of fortune-telling.

The tarot can be approached as a "book of life", and the explanatory book aims to enable anyone to read the cards. The images are simpler than the more obscure symbolism of traditional tarot, which needs a "reader" to interpret.

The Osho Zen Tarot Deck uses the wisdom of Zen insight to help us gain an understanding of the here and now, while the traditional tarot readings help us satisfy our longing for knowledge about the past and the future. The blending of zen helps us to grasp that events in the outer world reflect our own thoughts and feelings, even though we ourselves might not even recognize those thoughts and feelings. The stunning artwork is by Ma Deva Padma.

The book explains how best to work with the energy of the cards, and includes Zen anecdotes and stories by Osho to illuminate the essential of each card, and to help even those who are unfamiliar with the teachings of Zen to understand their meanings.