Haindl Tarot Deck by Hermann Haindl

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Haindl Tarot Deck by Hermann Haindl

Title:  Haindl Tarot Deck
Author:  Hermann Haindl
Format:  Tarot Deck - 78 Cards

The Haindl Tarot has non-traditional imagery and is highly recommended for an advanced Tarot reader, or for meditation. The author, Hermann Haindl, was inspired by Qabbalah, Runes, I Ching, and Native American influences for the deep and compelling artwork.

"On each Major Arcana is a Hebrew letter, a rune and an astrological sign. The inner borders of the cards represent the four elements, with white for air, blue for water, red for fire and yellow for earth.

The Fool emphasizes bells. The Magician shape shifts. The High Priestess has a moon for her belly. The Empress walks on water. The Emperor morphs from a tree.

The Hierophant shows both face and profile. These Lovers dream unicorns and roses in hexagrams. The Chariot is almost an arc. The Strength tames a huge serpent.

The Hermit hosts owls. The Wheel drips water two ways, defying gravity. The Justice emphasizes peacock feathers. The Hanged Man is translucent, revealing rainbow. The Death is a peacock. The Alchemy divides angel from devil. You never met a Devil like this one: three horns and three eyes. The Tower is an arrogant, technological skyscraper. The Star washes her hair in a waterfall. The Moon features another unicorn. The Sun beams on desires red rose. The Aeon features a human embryo in a floating egg. The Universe features a fire-breathing dragon.

Wands are assigned to the East and Hindu gods, Cups to the North and Celtic gods, Swords to the South and Egyptian gods and Stones to the West and Native American gods. Daughter of Wands is named Radha; Son of Wands is named Krishna; Mother of Wands is named Kali; Father of Wands is named Brahma; Daughter of Cups is named Brigid; Son of Cups is named Parsival; Mother of Cups is named Venus of Willendorf; Father of Cups is named Odin; Daughter of Swords is named Isis; Son of Swords is named Osiris; Mother of Swords is named Nut; Father of Wands is named Ra; Daughter of Stones is named White Buffalo Woman; Son of Stones is named Chief Seattle; Mother of Stones is named Spider Woman; Father of Stones is named Old Man.

Parting comment by the Haindl Tarot Deck is The Wheel, time to take what life has given you. It reminds me of a mantra: I desire all things; I need nothing; love what comes to me. I do love this deck".  C.J. Rose