Medicine Woman Tarot by Carol Bridges

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Tarot Cards: Medicine Woman Tarot by Carol Bridges

Title:  Medicine Woman Tarot
Author:  Carol Bridges
Isbn:  9780880794190
Format:  Tarot Cards

Medicine Woman Tarot by Carol Bridges emphasizes harmony with Mother Earth, and offers readers a tool for living life in balance with nature and with others.

This deck, created by Carol Bridges, is another treasure. The artwork on its own is gorgeous, being simple enough to appeal and be open, but still being detailed enough to convey meaning in an evocative and very inventive way. Every single thing in the cards seems to have meaning of some sort: Even the way the titles of the Major Arcana are written!

5.0 out of 5 stars Truly Wise, February 12, 2004
By blueromany  (Toledo, Ohio United States)
I first encountered Medicine Woman Tarot by Carol Bridges at a local book shop in a sample display. I immediately fell in love with it. I went to the counter to buy it and they were out of stock. I then went on a search for this deck, going to all the book sellers and magical shops around, they were all out of stock, I was told numerous times that it was not a popular deck so they didnt carry it all the time. I then started calling stores 60 miles away looking for it, finally I found it and couldn't be happier.
Medicine Woman Tarot is simple, nourishing, wise, gentle, beautiful, peaceful, authentic, and filled with grace. Anyone on the wise woman path or path of gentle wisdom will find this deck valuable.