Tarot Of White Cats by Pietro Alligo

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Tarot Cards: Tarot Of White Cats by Pietro Alligo

Title:  Tarot Of White Cats
Author:  Pietro Alligo
Isbn:  9780738704630
Format:  Tarot Cards - 78 cards & instruction book

Tarot Of White Cats by Pietro Alligois designed in the Rider-Waite tradition, this easy-to-use tarot deck is fun for all levels of tarot enthusiasts. Featuring majestic, albino kitties displaying their mystical and valiant personalities, these feline-themed cards are the perfect gift for your cat-loving friends.

This review is from: Tarot of White Cats/Tarot de Los Gatos Blancos (Cards)
This is a must for cat lovers or even beginners to tarot (esp if they love cats). This tarot deck remains quite faithful to the Rider-Waite tradition but obviously all the people have been replaced by white cats except for the Fool is actually a dog.
The designers of this tarot chose cats as their centerpiece as they wanted to infuse the deck with the mystery and attraction that mankind has always had for felines and they have certainly achieved that with this deck. The choice of white for the cats signifies spiritual purity or spiritual rebirth.

The illustrations are stunning, the cats themselves are not cartoon like or disney-fied they are actually extremely well drawn and their faces and eyes are incredibly expressive; so much so, they seem to change their expressions depending on the meaning and position of the card. The drawings are clear, vibrant (but not gaudy) and as they are based on the Rider Waite, nearly all of the familiar symbolism is retained in these cards.

There are some deviations to look out for - the Strength card depicts a pink-robed white cat standing inside a giant lion's mouth, prising it open; the Judgment card pictures a cat angel at the bottom of the card blowing a trumpet while some cat spirits fly up into the sky; The Empress has kittens playing at her feet, the Wheel of Fortune shows a cat turning a wheel with mice on it; the Sun has a cat on a child's rocking horse. Death shows the back of a black robed figure and all we see of him/her is a skeletal paw (and tail!); the Fool is a dog as mentioned before and the 10 of Swords depicts 10 swords sticking into a white blanket while in the background a white cat is making a hasty departure.

The cards feel lovely, smooth, vibrant and full of life, I was able to connect with this deck immediately which is a first. The reverse of the cards shows cats sitting in chalices and is really stunning.

I only really bought the deck because I love cats and all things feline but I was very pleasantly surprised when I investigated this deck further. It really has been done in such a way that you can produce decent and in depth readings either for yourself, family or perhaps to clients who are nervous or unsure of the tarot. If you are beginner, there is enough Rider-Waite influence/ relevant and easy to interpret imagery in this deck to be able to get going.

The Little White Booklet that comes with it describes the designer's reasons for choosing the white cats and gives meanings for the cards. You won't need the booklet, you will see the cards and intuit the correct meanings for yourselves. The booklet will tell you how to do the 'cats eye' spread which is actually quite good.

Overall, a beautiful deck, capable of giving decent readings, stunning artwork, definitely worth the investment!