Success, Money & Prosperity

Price: $30.00

Success, Money & Prosperity

by Inna Segal

Success, Money & Prosperity will change your attitudes about money, help you attract more of it and feel abundant. It will also assist you to greatly increase your manifestation abilities and enjoy life more.

"SUCCESS, MONEY & PROSPERITY is extremely powerful..."

After years of assisting clients and participants in her workshops to achieve the financial success they desire, Inna Segal has incorporated some of the processes that people have found to be most powerful into a sensational new CD.

"I have only been listening to the Success, Money & Prosperity CD for four days, and I already received money from three sources that were totally unexpected."
- Melissa Franklin

You will be guided to: Become a Money Magnet, Use the WEALTH GENERATOR, Apply the Miraculous Manifestation Process, Activate your abundance in all areas of your life.

"For the first time in years I don't feel stressed and anxious about money. I play the CD every night, sleep peacefully and am relaxed and positive about money and my ability to achieve my goals through the day. Thank you Inna."
- Jonathan Harvey

The Success, Money & Prosperity CD contains the following tracks:

01 Introduction – how to use this CD for greatest effect…4.50
02 Become a Money Magnet…17.25
03 The Wealth Generator… 32.25
04 The Miraculous Manifestation Process…7.45
05 Affirmations for Success, Money and Prosperity…4.45
06 Inner Power Makeover 30-Day Prosperity Challenge…2.50 

Approximate Running Time: 68 minutes
Includes great backing music by highly regarded composer Michale Wild

 "The Success, Money & Prosperity CD is extremely powerful. It is the most powerful CD of its type I have come across. I am already feeling better than ever about money and my abundance. I will keep you informed about my progress over the next 30 days."

- Caroline Wilcox