Natural Beeswax Candles: Set of 6 Tealight Candles - Australia

Price: $14.95

Our special 100% pure, natural beeswax tealights brings a soft, warm honey glow that uplifts and nourishes your spirit.

Ideal for relaxation, romance or meditation, or just to share for pure pleasure! These beautifully hand-crafted 100% pure beeswax tealights present a unique experience.

Enjoyment is synonymous with these candles.

A Set of 6 Natural Beeswax Tealights made in Adelaide, South Australia. These pure beeswax tealights each come in their own individual Tealight Cup.

Simply, pure and natural beeswax candles!

Tealight candles are meant to be lit only once, so why not make a wish for yourself or for someone special who is close to your heart? - Light as many as your heart desires………………

Flame Time: 4 Hours

"TEA LIGHT CUPS - Made from flame resistant plastic, a favourite tea light cup where you can see the flame flicker all the way to the end. The plastic used is recyclable. Polycarbonate tealight cups are made from the highest grade of heat resistant polycarbonate plastic and are excellent for making coloured tea lights.  Our tealights pass the Australian standard for safety". - Australian Supplier.