The 2016 Moon Diary by Shekhinah Morgan for the Southern Hemisphere, SOLD OUT!

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The 2016 Moon Diary has Lunar phase times and transits at your fingertips as well as ideas for nourishing the spirit and the body. Packed with rituals and Moon myths from many eras and cultures, this treasure will keep you inspired all throughout the coming year.
Researched and handwritten by Shekhinah Morgan and beautifully illustrated by Jude Baderie and Kellie Gough.

13 17cm, laminated double card cover, stunning bronze colour with gold foil lettering.
Produced and printed in Australia using Solar Power on 100% recycled post consumer paper.
These Moon Diaries are very special because the creators have chosen to print using Solar Power. They are so happy to be able to keep their environmental footprint very light indeed!

2016 Moon Diary comes with a bookmark with the key to the symbols in the diary.

Moon Diary 2016 - Inner Pages
    Moon phases
    Astrological transits
    Void - of - course Moon times
    Sabbath dates
    Week at a glance
    Menstrual calendar
    Completely handwritten
    Illustrated throughout
    Size 13 cm x 17 cm
    Wire spiral bound
    Written specifically for the Southern Hemisphere
    Printed with vegetable inks
    Printed on recycled paper using 100% post consumer waste
    *A book mark with the key to information is included.

With information about lunar lore, myth and ritual and exquisite illustrations, the Moon Diary 2016 will become your constant companion. Moon phases, transits and void-of-course moon times enable accurate moon watching.

The Moon Diary enables you to keep your appointments and meetings whilst enriching your daily life with lunar lore, simple grounding practices and the myths of many cultures.
The 2016 Moon Diary comes with a book mark which has a key to the information inside and more blank pages in the back for you to use.
Lovingly researched and hand written by Shekhinah Morgan Inspiringly illustrated by Jude Baderle and Kellie Gough