Pomegranate Scented Beeswax Candle - Australia

Price: $19.97

Strong top notes of pomegranate, ripe mango and citrus. Middle floral notes of lilac jasmine and rose supported by amber and musk. This precious Pomegranate Beeswax Candle represents a symbol of fertility, abundance, and good luck.

Weight: 128gm
Height: 120mm
Width: 38mm
Flame Time: 23 +hours

Pomegranates – the fruit of the goddesses. In Greek mythology the Goddess Persephone is the harbinger of spring and a reminder of all the positive growth and new beginnings that it brings. Goddess Persephone also represents both the youthful innocence, and joyous maiden aspect of a woman. The almost perfectly round pomegranate, with its spiky crown, is a most gorgeous looking fruit. Its leathery skin is generally yellow with beautiful overlays of shiny pale or deep pink, or plush red. Then, when you open a really ripe one, the juicy red arils (seed coverings) tumble out of spongy white or yellow pith walls in glorious, glowing disarray.

Scented Beeswax Candles and their magical strengths: Candles are very powerful magical tools as they contain all of the 4 elements. Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Many different candles may be used in magic, but beeswax candles are by far the most powerful. A Beeswax Candle is believed to have its own vibration, when the candle is lit the perfume is released into the surrounding atmosphere which in turn attracts a special positive energy into your space.

Candle magic is an ancient art that is still practiced widely across our world today!


The myth of Persephone, the Goddess of the Underworld, prominently features the pomegranate.